A Brief 3-Step approach to solving a rodent infested Building:

Step 1 – Deny Access

Stop the rodents

Any infested building has holes and defects, which need to be addressed. Mice and Rats have an open-door invitation that needs to be removed — they got inside somehow but where? CSS Pest proofing service will conduct a survey to establish all entry points around the building and all defects will need proofing to a pest standard. These defects include: Spaces around pipe chases, cracks in concrete at the base of building, gaps in expansion joints, unscreened windows and vents, as well as gaps under exterior doors. CSS Pest proofing service is fully equipped to correct these problems using high-quality materials installed in a professional and efficient manner at the right price. CSS Pest Services has devised a solution, involving a silicone and wire wool application that denies rodents gnawing back through, leaving the rodents with no further access. We are rodent-proofing specialists, not just a general builder contractor. We have just what it takes to close the door on the rodents— ACCESS DENIED!

Step 2 – Remove the food source

Starve and poison the rodents in the affected area and exterior of the building

After accessing a property, rodents will head for a food source. Food of any kind whether it be fresh and discarded food, this will become the main feeding source for generations of rodents to come (if you let them). As an example a waste compactor near a lift that rises to all floors provides vertical rodents access to all floors and an easy way to access all areas. As pest prevention is an integral part of the hygiene regime within a premise, CSS Pest Services would ensure a partnership is built to promptly deal with any hygiene deficiencies within the premises. When the area is free from food residue the pests visit the food source to eat their dinner of fresh and discarded food only to find nothing but our fresh bait, tracking powder, glueboards or snap-traps. Dependant on the infestation levels, over a period of approximately 6 to 8 weeks most or all rodents are now dead. Which will then lead us to our final step….

Step 3 – Final Eviction

Poison and/or trap them on their territory

Once inside a property, rodents have unlimited access to all areas and floors of a building. Using conduits and plumbing pipes, rodents, especially mice can gain access to the highest points of a building with ease. A mouse only needs to find a space as small as 6mm to gain access from a cavity in the wall. For a mouse living behind the walls, it’s not hard to get out. A hole behind gas pipes, under kitchen and bathroom plumbing or around radiator pipes and under radiators makes an excellent way for mice to travel from room to room. CSS Pest Proofing Services goes beyond the normal practice of placing a poison bait an/or glue board and asking the client for a signature. We’ve devised a method of actually getting rid of the mice once and for all. Tracking dusts, along with poisons are strategically placed where mice are nesting, breeding, and leaving their waste (all done of course under a risk assessment). Following this, our Technician will proof holes and gaps with silicone and wire wool designed to withstand gnawing. By the time this process is performed in all of the effected areas in the building the mice have been eliminated in a thorough and most efficient way possible.