Agricultural Pest Control Services

Agricultural pest control-1British agriculture is one of our nation’s most valuable assets but in recent years it has faced unprecedented challenges, such as BSE, foot and mouth and avian influenza.

All of these have highlighted the indirect problems caused by pests on farms.

At the same time, the introduction of Assurance Schemes and the “farm to fork” policy of the Food Standards Agency mean more than ever, farmers must ensure the highest standards of pest control.

As well as complying with legislation and codes of practice the estimated 210 tonnes of food each day that rats consume in the UK (and the extra they spoil) affects the farmer’s profits directly.

Pest management in agriculture is not simply killing rats in grain stores. With increasing legislation and the effects of climate change, the challenges that face the agricultural industry will continue to develop and it is vital to operate to the highest professional standards with the most effective products.

CSS Pest Services has been servicing British agriculture on both arable and livestock farms throughout the midlands for many years. We are not only here to keep your pests at a controllable level but we can also assist where necessary with professional training in carrying out proofing techniques and much more.

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