Rat & Mouse Control

Are Rats and mice invading your premises?

When the weather grows cooler, rodents will search for warmer places to live and breed and this often means that they turn to our centrally-heated buildings for shelter.  It is often at Autumn and Winter time that you see signs of droppings or gnawed food or packaging that will tell you that you have unwelcome guests. However these pests can enter at any time!

At CSS pest control we have the expertise to come into your building and assess the infestation. We can then put in place control measures to rid you of these pests.

Remember, if you have seen the signs of just one mouse – they may not be alone, and chances are you will have a colony living in your home.  Female house mice give birth to an average of seven young and can have 5-10 litters a year, breeding all year round and able to get pregnant at just 6 weeks old. So you can see how quickly they can multiply.

Apart from causing damage mice and rats also spread disease and germs and spoil food with urine and droppings.

Call in CSS Pest Control for friendly, efficient control of the mice and rat problems in your premises.


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