Bird Control & Deterrents

Bird Control for Derby and Nottingham and beyond

The pigeon is the most common problem bird requiring pest control. Based in Derby, we provide our specialist bird control services to businesses throughout the East Midlands and nationally.

Bird Deterrent Systems and Fouling Clearance

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The main issue with most pigeon infestations is one of health rather than property damage. This is due to the fact that pigeons carry and transmit many diseases, some of which may be fatal. The principal transmission route occurs where personnel handle items contaminated with droppings. Bacteria borne in the droppings are ingested as a result of inadvertent hand-to-mouth contact. In addition, diseases may be transmitted by secondary insect pests. Many biting insects are associated with this type of infestation. Insects will breed in the fouling and then attack any warm blooded host, thereby transferring bacteria and viruses from the droppings directly into the host’s bloodstream.

Removal and Exclusion programmes

CSS Pest Services offers a comprehensive specialist service for the removal of accumulated droppings, carcasses and nesting material hygienically and without risk to health. We also provide full exclusion bird systems to prevent pest birds from further damaging your building. All works are carried out in accordance with current legislative requirements.

Bird Proofing Methods

There is a wide array of bird proofing systems on the market today to suit almost every application. These include spikes, post and wire, netting and optical gels.

To recommend the most suitable system, the ‘bird pressure’ (the motivation of birds to re-gain access to a proofed area) of the site must be assessed.

The CSS Pest Services Guarantee

  • Full risk assessment undertaken and method statement implemented
  • Fully trained teams in appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Isolation of problem area
  • Initial and immediate biocidal treatment to minimise disease hazard
  • Fouling removal in sealed containers
  • Certificate of waste transfer in accordance with the Local Authority regulations
  • Residual insecticidal treatment
  • Final biocidal treatment
  • Fully trained surveyors and technicians
  • National coverage with local service
  • Full compliance with the requirements of DEFRA, RSPCA, RSPB and the Wildlife and Countryside Act

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