About Our Pest Control Services

Pest Control Service Promise

You have no need to worry about the reliability of our pest control services. From the initial free survey and consultation to the “sign-off” we will be “on-time” at all times. We believe that a prompt and reliable service is critical in today’s busy lifestyle. If we make an appointment with you, we guarantee that we’ll keep it


We adopt a ‘win-win’ attitude in the way we conduct our business, especially with you as our Customer in respect of cost effectiveness.


We adopt a ‘pro-active’ attitude in the way we provide services to our Customer by taking immediate action.


We adopt a “caring’ attitude in the way we service our Customer, by sharing the burden with you by providing the most effective pest prevention programme.

Quality Pest Control

We adopt a ‘committed’ attitude in the way we deliver our services to our Customer. We adhere to what we have committed to, by delivering the services we have agreed upon at the agreed time.

Appoint A Professional

Professional pest control services offer protection from the risks of pest-born contamination and damage by insects, rodents and other vermin. A comprehensive contract covers preventive measures, management reporting procedures, accountability and a documented system of measures which provide appropriate evidence for the defence of ‘due diligence’ against prosecution and its consequences.


Professional pest control companies also provide the necessary documentation and risk assessment for employers to meet the requirements of the Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations. A professional contractor ensures that you have no infestation problems – and that you stay that way.