Fly Control Units

Fly control is an important part of pest control for all businesses. Problems with flies and infestation can project an unhygienic and unhealthy environment for both employees and customers to work in. For businesses such as pubs, bars and restaurants, fly control is absolutely critical. We offer fly control treatments, electric fly killers, fly screens and expert advice tailored to your needs, for effective fly control:

Our insect fly killing range is divided into two categories – Electric Grid units and Glue Board units

Electric or Glue Board Fly units


Click on a fly killing unit above to download a product brochure, which gives a full range of fly units suitable for your needs.

Let Us Keep Your Fly Killers Working Efficiently…

It is important to keep your fly killing units working at their optimum level to ensure your fly control measures are working at maximum efficiency. CSS Pest Services Limited can help you achieve this with our flexible, comprehensive maintenance service, which can include:

3d-tickComprehensive reporting system designed to demonstrate ‘due diligence’.

3d-tickCleaning & Servicing of a wide variety of manufacturers’ models

3d-tickCleaning & Servicing of purchased units

3d-tickCleaning & Servicing of rented units

3d-tickInsect Counts & Auditing

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