Pest & Insect Identification

Do you know what pest is causing your problem?

Professional pest control relies on the accurate identification of the species. We can then select the most appropriate control, treatment and removal methods.

The CSS Pest entomologist can help with our Identification service

The CSS Pest Professor is on hand to identify your pest or the damage it has caused. Just email us a photo or several photos of the pest and/or the damage it has caused and we will tell you what creature you are up against.

Email your pictures to:

Pest Identification ServiceIf our entomologist can’t identify the problem straight away, then we may ask you to send a sample of the pest if you have one. If you post us a sample, CSS Pest Services endeavors to provide a full insect ID report within 10-14 working days because we know how important it is for you to receive this information quickly. Samples for identification can be sent to our head office address:


CSS Pest Services – Head Office
Suite 1, Keynes House
Chester Park
Alfreton Road
DE21 4AS

Monitoring to identify pests in your home or workplace

We have advanced video cameras that are motion-activated so can be left in your premises to identify what is causing the problem before we take steps to solve it. Read our blog here about helping one family see what really caused the noises in their loft!

We also use thermal Imaging technique to find rodents in inaccessible places.

Image from the thermal camera transmitted to a mobile phone screen.
Image from the thermal camera transmitted to a mobile phone screen.