Heat Treatment for Food industry

With the environmental impact of the use of insecticides CSS Pest Services have committed to using innovative pest control techniques, which are both environmentally friendly and effective.

Heat Treatment is the organic and environmentally friendly way of treating insect infestations.

Heat treatment of a room

With the phasing out of Methyl Bromide and the drawbacks of alternatives such as Sulphuryl fluoride and Phosphine, heat treatment has emerged as one of the most promising new insect pest treatments for some time.

Controlled heat will kill all stages of pest insects with various species having a slightly higher or lower threshold and this is done without causing damage to surrounding structures or electronics.

CSS Pest Services is able to offer heat treatment for the commercial treatment of mill, bakery and other food production machinery as well as empty silos, small rooms or sections of buildings. Successful treatments of whole buildings are now becoming more accepted, and heat treatment for bed bug control in difficult to treat bedroom furniture has also proven very successful.

The key to successful heat treatment is the understanding of how heat distribution occurs in different situations, and the management of heat resources to maximise efficiency and eliminate potentially damaging situations, which have occurred with some other heat treatment technologies in Europe and particularly in the USA.