Mole Control


Mole problems in the garden

In rural areas especially, moles can cause great damage to your garden/land by tunnelling through the soil. With heavy infestations, the ground can become unstable and holes may appear not only damaging the foundations of your land but also creating safety risks.

Moles tunnel using their large two front paws to scrape away the earth and feel along tunnels with their snouts and whiskers. Because of the absence of light within their living conditions, moles have very poor eyesight so very rarely will you see mole activity above ground.

Mole problems in agriculture

Moles are considered to be agricultural pests and problems caused by moles include contamination of silage with soil particles making it unpalatable to livestock, the covering of pasture with fresh soil reducing its size and yield, damage to agricultural machinery by the exposure of stones, damage to young plants through disturbance of the soil, weed invasion of pasture through exposure of fresh tilled soil, and damage to drainage systems and watercourses.

How to get rid of Moles

CSS Pest Services deploy methods such as tunnel trapping, gassing* (Aluminium Phosphates) and even shooting (least likely method of control) can be used to control these pests. We always aim to use tunnel trapping as the first option. This must be done with care as moles can easily detect disturbance of the tunnel and will then avoid this area.

CSS have been dealing with mole problems on farms and gardens throughout the East Midlands for over 10 years. Call us on 0800 254 5003 for a thorough, professional service.

*CSS Pest Service are fully trained in the use of and application of Aluminium Phosphates.

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