Pest Identification and control – advanced equipment

High-tec Equipment for more Efficient Pest Identification and Control

At CSS we are continually investing in the latest technology to improve our service to our clients. Here are some examples of the latest equipment we use.

  1. Thermal Imaging Cameras – for faster, more thorough rodent surveys and troubleshooting pest problems
  2. Night Vision Motion-sensor cameras – these can be left to record video footage automatically when the pest appears so you can see what is causing your problem whatever time of day or night it is active
  3. Traps with radio transmitters – alert us when they have captured a pest. These improve response times and remove the need to use poison.

1) Thermal Imaging FLIR camera

Image from the thermal camera on phone screen.

Our new FLIR thermal imaging camera allows us to identify rodent infestations from 50 feet away.

Faster, more accurate identification of rodents leads to more efficient control, removing pests and the damage they cause from your premises more quickly.

The picture left shows an image of a mouse transmitted to a mobile phone screen.



2) Night-vision Motion-sensor activated Video cameras

If we are not sure exactly what species is causing a problem – perhaps the only sign is strange noises in a loft at night, then we can set up our specialist video cameras and leave them in place. Activated by movement and able to record in darkness, the recording will provide obvious proof of what is causing the problem. We can then carry out the most effective control measures.

3) Radio-transmitting Traps – Efficient Control without the use of poison

Mouse trap with radio transmitter
Squirrel cage with radio transmitter

Our rodent control traps can be fitted with a radio transmitter that sends a signal to the base station when they trap a pest. This then alerts us via text and email so that we can respond and remove that pest quickly.

The system sends regular signals to show each trap is operational removing the need for regular call-backs.

By making trapping pests more efficient we offer a thorough control system without the need for rodenticides. We can remotely monitor your building or home 24/7.




CSS Pest Control Services – using the latest techniques and equipment to offer a more efficient, cost-effective service for our clients.