View of attic

Strange noises in your loft. What is really going on?

How CSS uses night vision cameras for pest identification.

When you hear a strange sound in your loft or under the floorboard how do you know what it is? It can be hard to identify what is making that strange scratching, scurrying sound. Recently we went out to a home where they were convinced that they had squirrels in their loft.

We installed our motion-activated video camera in the roof space and you can see what we found…


Well, this proved who the culprit was. Definitely not a squirrel! And meant we could use the appropriate methods to get rid of the nuisance.

Our camera can be left unattended for days or even weeks giving us time to identify what pests are causing the trouble.

So if you hear strange noises in the night, and think you might have a pest problem, call CSS and we will come out and find out what is keeping you awake.