Pests in the Home

We have an excellent record at efficiently removing the nuisance, worry, damage and health risks created by pests in your home.

Our domestic Pest Control team operates throughout Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire.

Our Range of Residential Pest Control Services

CSS Pest Services offer a wide range of domestic pest control services to deal with all the usual pests found in the house or garden. If you think you have a problem, please call us free on 0800 245 5003.

Wasps, Mice, Rats, Fleas, Cockroaches and Ants

In most cases for these pests, we can provide an instant quotation over the phone and will explain exactly what is involved to remove the infestation. For more information on each pest, click here Wasp control | Mouse and Rat control | Flea control | Cockroach control | Ant control 

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Moths and Pigeons

We know that the nuisance and mess caused by these pests can be very serious. In the case of moth or pigeon infestations, we will need to visit your home to assess the level of work required, before we are able to provide a final quotation. The treatments for these pests are a little more complex and will require an initial survey to inspect the level of the problem before we can confirm a price. Please note that the initial survey and consultation is Free of Charge.

More information these pests here, Moth control | Pigeon control


For bedbugs we charge a call out fee for inspecting the problem. Once we know the level of infestation we can recommend a treatment programme to remove them and will provide a full written report documenting what is required from us and from you to control the infestation. If you go ahead with the treatment, we will refund the cost of this initial call out. More information about bedbugs as pests here

Not sure what pest you have?

Consult the Pest Professor – email a photo of the damage or the pest itself and the CSS Pest Professor will identify it for you.

CSS Pest Control Services can also use thermal imaging or motion-activated video cameras to aid pest identification in your home.  See what we found in the loft of this family.

The CSS Promise

  • Fully trained and BPCA qualified technicians.
  • Treatment reports of all work performed.
  • Precise appointment dates and times.
  • FREE insect identification.
  • Risk assessments.
  • Competitive rates.

We also give advice and recommendations on

  • Proofing against future pest entry
  • Locating the reason why you have pest activity
  • Preventative measures to remove the risk of repeat problems