Rodent (rats and mice) Control


All rodents must gnaw regularly to keep their continually growing incisor teeth at manageable length. Adaptable to most environments, they live in colonies and are capable of rapid reproduction. Rodents are a major pest everywhere because of the diseases they transmit and the damage they cause.

A recent UK survey suggests 1 in 15 food premises is rat infested, higher still for mice. Both rats and mice are agile and can climb vertical surfaces such as rough brickwork. Mice can also squeeze through small gaps such as between bricks or under doors. Consequently no building or business is safe from them. More about our rodent control service here.

Rat Control




Advanced detection equipment

We frequently use thermal imaging or motion-detection video to help identify the rodent species and the size of infestation.

Image from the thermal camera on phone screen.
Image from the thermal camera on phone screen.


At CSS we run many commercial monitoring and control programmes for rodent control in commercial premises and remove infestations in homes throughout the East Midlands. Call us now on 0800 254 5003.

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